Lets play “Sea Turtle Soup”! It is fun game which can play from 2 people.


Hello, I’m Yuki.

I will introduce a card game call “Sea Turtle Soup”. It is Lateral Thinking Quiz Game.

I bought “Sea Turtle Soup” when I went on a travel for 2 days 1 night stay. My husband and I was searching for a game which can play from 2 people.

I recommend this game to following people.

1. Who wants the game which can play easily
2. Who wants to engage brain
3. Who wants a topic to talk with couple

My parents came to my house and played this game with 4 people, and they thanked us that they had a fun time. My father retired work and reduced time to use his brain. So he said ““Sea Turtle Soup” works to prevent dementia.”

From bellow, I’m going to explain the rule of “Sea Turtle Soup”.

The Rule of “Sea Turtle”

Number of players:
2 or more
Target age:
12 and up (“Sea Turtle 1” is 10 and up)
10 to 30 minutes
One people will be questioner and others will be answerer.
Question is written on the front side of card and answer is written on the back side.
Answerer will ask questions which can answer by “Yes” or “No” and answer what is written at the back of card.
If answerer asked the question which are not related to the card, questioner need to tell it. And if answerer’s question was good question, questioner could tell it.
When answerer solved the back of card, game is clear!
Answerer could be 2 or more people and cooperate to solve the card.


Usually Yuki goes to bed early, but one day she replied the e-mail in midnight. Why does it happened?

Answerer: Is Yuki a woman?
Questioner: It doesn’t relate to the card.
Answerer: Did she take a nap?
Questioner: No, she didn’t.
Answerer: Is she stay at home?
Questioner: No, she isn’t. It’s a good question!
Answerer: Is she stay at foreign country?
Questioner: Yes, she is.

How was it?
I liked this game and made questions when I’m on a trip.
I think many people stay at home for a long time these days. Why don’t you play “Sea Turtle Soup” with your families and friends?