Italian restaurant “Osteria il Bancone da Massimo” at Minamirinkan


Hello, I’m Yuki.

I will introduce Italian restaurant “Osteria il Bancone da Massimo”.
It takes 3 minutes to walk from Minamirinkan station. 
The restaurant floor is small. There are counter and 2 table seats. You could see the cooking process from counter seats. 

Lunch course includes dessert and cost 1,580 yen.

It was good price and delicious, so I want to recommend “Osteria il Bancone da Massimo” when you visit around Minamirinkan!

Lunch Menu B course

Assorted appetizer

Assorted appetizer

Seafood sauce on omelette was really good!



I think it is fried right before serving.


Boiled whitebait pizza

I chose boiled whitebait pizza.
Pizza is freshly baked at oven and dough is chewy. I liked pizza the most!

Pasta *My husband ordered separately

Pasta with crab tomato sauce

My husband ordered pasta with crab tomato sauce. Pasta was little bit hard for me but the sauce was delicious.

Dessert and drink

Tiramisu and iced tea

I chose tiramisu and iced tea.
The powder on tiramisu was bitter and acquired taste.

That’s all!
I will visit again when the lunch course menu is changed.